Kha Manipur College, Kakching

Kha Manipur College, Kakching

Kakching District, Manipur - India


Internal Quality Assurance Cell – IQAC

Kha Manipur College, Kakching

(NAAC Accredited)

Annual Quality Assurance Report – AQAR

Self Study Report – SSR

NAAC Status

1st Cycle : B Grade (15 December, 2016) – View Certificate

2nd Cycle : B Grade (17 October, 2022) – View Certificate

IQAC Programmes

The IQAC organizes the following as a routine programme
i)     Conduct of Internal Examinations twice a year
ii)    Observance of important State, National and International days:

    • National Youth Day on January 12
    • National Science Day on February 28
    • International Women’s Day on March 8
    • World Water Day on March 22
    • World Health Day on April 7
    • Earth Day on April 22
    • World No Tobacco Day on May 31
    • World Environment Day on June 5
    • International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26
    • Patriots’ Day on August 13 (State)
    • Teachers’ Day on September 5
    • United Nation Day on October 24
    • Indian Constitution Day on November 26
    • Human Rights Day or (Nobel Lecture Series) on December 10

iii)     Encouragement Faculty members to participate in Orientation/Refresher Courses/FDPs/Seminars/Workshops and Conferences
iv)     Organisation of Quizzes/Debate/Extempore Speeches/Mock Test/Viva Voce/Recitation Competitions
v)      Preparation of Academic Calendar in consultation with heads of all departments
vi)     Co-ordination with various clubs/Functionaries/NCC/NSS Units of the college
vii)    Co-ordination with important committees like Admission Committee, Examination Committee,
          College Development Committee etc. in all developmental matters
viii)   Contact with local people, alumni, parents and other stakeholders


Committee Members


Committee Members during the year from 2016 to 2020

Committee Reform on the 22nd December 2020: 

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Kha Manipur College, Kakching has been reformed with the following members to continue the process of cell with immediate effect.

Committee Reformed on the 4th January 2019: 

Committee Reformed on the 8th January 2018: 

IQAC Meetings

IQAC Meetings during the year:


IQAC Activities and Publications

(Annual Reports)
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Ksh. Joykumar Singh
Ksh. Joykumar Singh
3 years ago

IQAC new team has to promote active participation of all faculty members for overall development of the institution in every aspect of its academic journey. It has to enlarge the vision and mission of the college. The new IQAC team has to inspire and motivate all stakeholders to participate in all programmes and academic activities of the college. The IQAC should encourage all the students of this institution to actively participate not only in curricular programmes but also in co-curricular and extracurricular routine programmes. The IQAC should also strive hard for the assessment and accreditation process of NAAC.

Ksh. Joykumar Singh,
Commerce Deptt. 

T. Kunjeshore Singh
T. Kunjeshore Singh
3 years ago

Wel-functioning of IQAC team is very interesting to me. IQAC team inspire and motive in all activities of the college education. Both teachers and students can work in true spirit for a better journey. I hope it will bring this college in a better stage in all respects.

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