Kha Manipur College, Kakching

Kha Manipur College, Kakching

Kakching District, Manipur - India


VAC – Value Addition Course

(for B.A./B.Sc./B.Com 1st Year 2022-23)
Kha Manipur College, Kakching

The following have been selected as Teachers (Non-Remunerative) for VAC for the session 2022-23.
Students must have to choose 1 subject from VAC – I and another one from VAC – II.

Subject and Teachers for VAC - I
  1. M. Rajeshwar Singh
  2. Dr. Ksh. Birmani Singh


It is hereby informed to all the Students of 1st Semester of Kha Manipur College, Kakching that those who want to take NSS as VAC -I, you are necessary to contact M. Rajeshwar Singh, PO UNIT I or Dr. Ksh. Birmani Singh, PO UNIT II on before 31st January 2023.

  1. Dr. N. Sunderlal Singh
  1. Y. Raju Singh
  2. Dr. M. Roma Devi
  3. Dr. N. Sunderlal Singh
  1. Dr. Naorem Somendrajit Singh
  2. Dr. M. Shanti Devi
  3. Dr. T. Kunjeshore Singh
  4. W. Nichinta Devi
  5. Ksh. Somorjeet Singh
  6. N. Anjali Devi
  7. M. Jina Devi
  1. Dr. T. Kunjeshore Singh
  2. K. Umabati Devi
  3. N. Satyabati Devi
Subject and Teachers for VAC - II
  1. N. Bimola Devi
  2. N. Mohon Singh
  3. L. Surajkumar Singh
  4. H. Chitra Devi
  1. Md. Suresh Khan
  2. Nungchim Christopher
  1. Ksh. Amita Devi
  2. N. Mandakini Devi
  3. Dr. Voleentina Devi Athokpam
  4. P. Jeneka Devi
  5. Dr. N. Sunderlal Singh
  1. Ksh. Joykumar Singh
  2. Dr. N. Somendrajit Singh
  3. L. Surajkumar Singh
  4. M. Ratan Singh
  5. Dr. P. Dhaneshwari Devi